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Ayesha Bag (Big)
Ayesha Bag - BIG Bag Hemper Ayesha Bag - BIG Bolsos Hemper Ayesha Bag (Big) Ayesha Bag (Big)
Our bags shape the commitment and beauty of aiming for new forms.
Ayesha Bag (Big)

Hand sewn plant-based dyed 100% hemp bag designed by Giulia Venerandi. This is Hemper's most special bag. Its round shape is different inside where you can read again and again following a spiral 'we recreate', summarizing the whole soul of Hemper. Besides, the closure is a comfortable magnet and the zipper handle is an unique hand-perforated rock from Nepal. There is an inner pocket with a zipper.

Size is 38 x 40 x 13 cm.
Washing recommendations are cold gentle wash with mild soap.

    Ayesha Bag (Big) Ayesha Bag (Big)
    Hemper Made in NEPAL