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Mala Hierba

This collaboration is the first Fair Trade produced collection by a global urban retailer.

Showing our production model to Springfield, a brand this big, is our testimony to prove that a sustainable and ambitious
alternative is real. It is not an exception but it can get to be the norm.

This collection with 11 different product references can be translated into 4,000 meters of Himalayan hemp fabric produced in Kaji’s workshop, with whom we have worked for years. 4,000 meters manufactured and naturally dyed in Manushi's Fair Trade workshop.

The documentary Mala Hierba is a unique archive to this landmark collection. 
The fragmented editing of this delicate documentary implies the fragmented nature of a careful production that involves manifold relationships.

We believe this piece goes beyond the project, capturing atemporal certainties about the complex and beautiful processes that lie behind the word “fair”.

We can not intend to produce as an invariable line if we, humans, exist within constant mutability.

The organizational skills that our artisan collaborators and ourselves have developed to meet the rhythm of a collaboration with a platform as big as Springfield will remain in all of us to remind how realistic it is to state that respectful models of production should be the only model of production. To prove that our model is not an exception but it can get to be the norm.

The 4,000 meters of hemp fabric produced for this collection in Kaji’s workshop, with whom we have worked for years and whose artisan workshop and personal life we have seen grow year by year, means much more than just keeping the sustainable standards of hemp which we have always worked with.

Our hair grows, our hands wrinkle, our emotions change when it rains, our thoughts grow next to others…
And that’s beautiful: “Fair” in English has two meanings: both aesthetic (fair as beautiful) and ethic (fair as just).
Fair Trade Production involves both levels; understanding all relationships as cohabitation in which care, listening to the other and constant processes make life beautiful.

You can read our full manifesto with Springfield here

Meeting this, until now, unimaginable rhythm has developed in Hemper and our producers' organizational skills that prove realistic that Fair Trade is not an exception but it can get to be the norm.

Sixteen months of extensive collaborative work have resulted in the first Fair Trade hemp collection for a global urban retailer. This is a pioneer action
within the sector; not only introducing to a big platform the most sustainable fiber on the planet but granting that the interests of artisans and workers have been the priority of the conversation from beginning to end.



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